Get Public Key From This Site.

You can visit this page, copy the whole block of key and paste it into a file named as "key.asc".

Then, you can use gpg to import the key from file.

gpg --import key.asc

Get Public Key From Any Key Server.

You can get the public key from any PGP key server. However, I sugguest you to use the MIT server. You can use the command below to import the public key.

gpg --keyserver --recv-keys E401C984

You should always check whether the key imported from server is correct or not by printing out the fingerprint. The fingerprint of key E401C984 should be "1FB5 BEF2 81CF F10B 785E A13C 0CA6 7077 E401 C984"

gpg --fingerprint E401C984


If you want to verify a file "" with a signiture "" sent by Edward Yang (i.e. me), use the command below:

gpg --verify


If you want to transfer a encrypted file to Edward Yang (i.e. me), you can use my public key to encrypt your file. Assuming, the original file is "". To encrypt it, use the command below:

gpg --encrypt --receipent E401C984 -o